A little information about us


We are a company specialized in garden cleaning and its maintenance, garden makeover and designing, as well as:

patio cleaning, gutter cleaning and any other part of the outside area of your home or work. 

As we are a seven day working service, you can hire us to do our job in a time most suitable for you.

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The gardening we do:

- Pathways, sidewalks, entrances and driveway blown clean of debris
- Lawns mowed and edges trimmed
- Weeding & Garden Cleanup

Hedges & Shrubs

Planting/Trimming/Pruning/Removal of:
- Bulbs
- Bedding plants
- Shrubs
- Herbs & vegetables

Tree Work
- Pruning of Evergreen and Deciduous Trees
- Pruning of all Fruit Trees
- Planting/Removal of Trees

And other of our services:
- Decking
- Pressure Washing
- Fencing


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- We expertise is providing a commercial and domestic jet washing service (such as decking and patio cleaning) to our clients. This a great way to keep your property in good condition no matter whether you choose to hire us regularly or one time. We pride ourselves in bringing you the best results and doing our job to the highest standard. Jet washing is a splendid service as it is a very effective way of washing outdoors. Our team is trained to carry out jet wash cleaning on many different types of surface and different spaces/objects so that we can provide you this service in an efficient and confident way.

- deckings
- patios
- driveways
- block pavements
- external walls
- house facades
- outdoor stairs/pillars
- wooden fences
- garden furniture
- conservatories
- decking cleaning & oiling
- fungicidal Wash of a paving area
- sealing of patio, driveway or concrete


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- Gutter cleaning - We can help you maintain the best condition your rain gutter can be in, for a reasonable price. 
Clogged gutters can cause water leakage into the building as the water builds up. Gutters must be maintained fairly regularly to remove leaves and other debris to keep them from clogging.