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Services available same day or book us in advance. 

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Price includes labour, tools and equipment.

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We offer gardening services 7 days a week. 

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Commercial cleaning


We are happy to meet the cleaning needs of any company. 
Our cleaning services can be done before, during or after working hours, as often as needed. We provide services daily, weekly and even on a monthly basis.

General office facilities
Not only will your company look clean, but it will also transform into a healthy and more productive work place.

Medical facilities and offices
To prevent the spread of healthcare-related infection which affects over two milion people every year, medical facilities need a professional commercial cleaning company.

Fitness centres and gyms
Bacteria and germs easily spread in warm, moist environments. Our cleaning methods will prevent the growth of the microorganisms.

Education and daycare
Clean Up Crew helps keep schools and students safe from millions of different germs.

We provide reliable services for manufacturers of all sizes.

Retail and restaurant
Customers judge the quality of your products and services by the appearance and smell of your facility - especially your restrooms.

Post construction
Post construction cleaning services from a professional commercial cleaning company at a reasonable price.