Hello Autumn!

Important things to remember for this time of year

It's very important to remember that gutter cleaning should be done once a year.

- Gutter cleaning - We can help you maintain the best condition your rain gutter can be in. And for a reasonable price.

There are also other ways to maintain your gutters:

- Gutter replacement - Clogged gutters can cause water leakage into the building as the water builds up. Gutters must be maintained fairly regularly to remove leaves and other debris to keep them from clogging. If gutters are filled with debris, they can overflow and drown the foundation, they can even damage the roof structure.

- Window cleaning - You should never have to worry about dirt, stains, or soil.

Ideas For A Garden - Shrubs

So a garden was complete, colourful, and beautiful in all its glory, you can also search for some shrubs to give you that extra charm.

How about some of our ideas?

Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo - Spring Ruby Tree

Agapanthus Africanus Albus

Ilex Crenata Balls

Acer Palmatum Dissectum Seiryu

Ideas For A Garden - Damson trees

Garden isn't only about flowers or nut trees. You can think about some damson trees to blossom in your garden as well.

Let me share few ideas for colourful damson trees with you here:

Abergwyngregyn damson trees

Merryweather damson trees
(Bare-root fruit trees)

Golden Sphere® Mirabelle trees
(Bare-root fruit trees)


Ideas For A Garden - Nut trees

Garden doesn't have to be having only beautiful flowers, you can also plant some nut trees for instance.

And here are a few ideas for nut trees to add to your garden:

- Hazelnut 'Kentish Cob' (Filbert)
Corylus maxima, Hazel, Filberts, Cobnuts

- Hazelnut 'Red Cracker'
Corylus, Hazel, Filberts, Cobnuts

- Almond 'Garden Prince'®
Prunus dulcis, Prunus amygdalus, Almond Oil Plant, Sweet Almond

Ideas For A Garden - Flowers

Here are some ideas for flowers in your garden. Which are beautiful and very colourfull for a summer time.

- Geum 'Red Wings' - Geum 'Red Wings' produces semi-double, scarlet flowers from late spring to mid-summer.

Geums are herbaceous perennials producing basal rosettes of dark green leaves with large colourful bowl-shaped flowers held on tall branched stems in summer. Fully hardy, they need a position in full sun and moist, well-drained soil

- Penstemon 'Midnight' (P. gloxinioides) - Penstemon 'Midnight' is a clump-forming, semi-evergreen perennial with linear to lance-shaped, dark green leaves and, from summer into autumn, upright racemes of tubular to bell-shaped, dark purple-blue flowers, often with pink-flushed throats. Its colour is dark-blue, dark-purple both in Summer and in Autumn

- Penstemon 'Thorn' (P. gloxinioides) - 'Thorn' is an upright perennial to 75cm tall, with narrow leaves and loose panicles of tubular white flowers,
tinged with deep pink at the tips of the corolla lobes

Penstemon 'Thorn' may be deciduous or evergreen perennials or subshrubs, with simple, narrow leaves and racemes or panicles of bell-shaped or funnel-shaped
flowers in summer and early autumn. Also vigorous sprawling perennial carrying white foxglove flowers edged pink. Mid green lance shaped leaves are symmetrically arranged on long stems. Give space to root into the ground. Best flowers throughout the warmer months

- Salvia Sylvestris - Salvia Sylvestris is a delightful, colourful plant with spikes of indigo-blue flowers in early to midsummer. This reliable perennial
is ideal for the middle of a moist, well-drained herbaceous border. It flourishes in sun or dappled shade where the bright flowers help to liven up
any plant scheme.

- Salvia Guaranitica 'Black and Blue' - Salvia Guaranitica 'Black and Blue' is a beautiful bell-like flower, a bit similar to Illumination Pink, but blue and black close to the stalk

'Black and Blue' is a tall perennial with a running rootstock, forming a wide clump of stems bearing ovate leaves and loose spikes of dark blue flowers 4cm long, each set in black calyx, and opening in late summer and autumn

- Foxglove 'Illumination Pink’ - Foxglove 'Illumination Pink’ is a beautiful, pink and bell-like flower.

Unlike most foxgloves which are generally biennial, this half-hardy semi-evergreen is a true perennial so you will be able to enjoy its flowers for years to come. The exotic looking blooms are densely packed on sturdy stems, with many side branches

- Verbena Bonariensis - Verbena Bonariensis is a meadow-like flower, very lovely and delicate. Verbena Bonariensis is a tall perennial, branching stems to 2m in height, bearing sparse, oblong leaves and large branched clusters of small, purple flowers from summer to autumn

- Verbena Rigida - Verbena Rigida is a violet flower with small leaves, and very lovely. Verbena Rigida is a tuberous perennial to 60cm, grown as an annual, with oblong leaves and clusters of fragrant, bright purple flowers on branched stems in late summer

- Geranium Rozanne - Geranium Rozanne is a beautiul light blue and a bit of white to it flower. Rozanne is a vigorous spreading perennial to 60cm tall, with neat, dense, lobed foliage and bowl-shaped violet-blue flowers 5cm wide, with a white centre, opening from early summer to early autumn

- Geranium 'Ann Folkard' AGM - Geranium Ann Folkard and Dragon Heart are a tiny bit similar with the difference that Ann Folkard has a bit lighter violet
colour to it and the centre is a bit scattered.

Also, 'Ann Folkard' is an herbaceous perennial of spreading habit, to 60cm in height, with yellowish-green, 5-lobed leaves and black-eyed and veined, magenta-purple flowers to 4cm in width

- Geranium 'Dragon Heart' - Dragon Heart has a stronger violet colour and more visible centre. A really good 'new' hybrid with large, magenta saucer shaped flowers with black centres. The flowers are thickly spread over a trailling mound of round, deeply divided leaves.


Hedges are usually planted to define property boundaries and provide privacy or to give shelter from prevailing winds. They can be formal, such as clipped box (Buxus), yew (Taxus) and beech (Fagus) or informal with colourful foliage or flowers, like hawthorn (Viburnum or Crataegus). Conifers are also popular choices, and although Leyland cypress has a reputation for causing friction between neighbours, if kept under control it makes an effective hedge.

There are a few things you could consider beforehand, becase choosing plants for a hedge can be made easier by giving some thought.

For instance, decide on the type of hedge e.g. flowering, deciduous, formal or informal, or evergreen

Think about any specific requirements, such as height, to be achieved and maintained

Take into account the soil conditions and situation. Choose plants that tolerate your area the most

Check in which hedges grow locally in similar situations and soil conditions


When buying hedging plants, it's generally cheaper to buy in bulk from specialist growers than from retail outlets.

Smaller transplants (also called whips) about 60cm (2ft) establish more rapidly than larger plants, which can often suffer during periods of extreme weather such as drought or excess moisture levels. But if you want to create a hedge quickly, buying semi-mature plants is the way to go. Worth remembering,they are more expensive, and you will need to pay special attention to watering over the first two years.

'Tree Surgery'

Tree surgery may be time consuming and requires lot of skills, however it makes a significant improvement to the appearance of any garden and gives off the impression that the owner clearly cares about standards of his property. A simple shaping and nourishing a tree can really add to the desired aesthetic of your garden and can also brighten it up.

Tree surgery is a popular choice within garden owners however each one is still original as you can decide on what shape you want your tree and can also do it with different types of tree to make it look different. It adds to the lively atmosphere. We can also deliver a maintenance service where we will regularly come and carry out services which will help maintain the tree shape or we can start a regrowth program and re-shape your tree differently if you ever decide to change your mind.

It is a service which can sometimes take a while to be carried out as it requires precision and care however the results are always great. Tree surgery is a fabulous idea as it makes the garden more pleasant for its owner but also for passers-by or potential customers if it is a business garden. It makes you seem more friendly and inviting and gives off a very good impression.

We offer this service domestically and commercially anywhere in London at an excellent price. Our employees are specifically trained to carry out this job and take 100% care when doing so. We guarantee fantastic results which we are sure you'll be happy with.

Turf instead of grass? Why not!

Creating a luscious, green lawn from seed takes dedication, requiring a range of specialised equipment from rotavators to rollers. So if you're too busy why not consider a more convenient and less time consuming alternative? And we can help you with that!

You can choose from a range of different products in a style to suit any environment. From gardens and play areas to roof top terraces, enjoy outdoor living in style.

Give us a call for a free quotation now!

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Would you like to have a beautiful garden for the summer? Hire us to do it!

If it's only about cleaning your garden, so called garden clearance, call us! If it's gutter cleaning or high pressure cleaning, give us a shout out! If it's lawn care or jet washing of your driveway, we can help you!

We can take care of:

  • Pathways, sidewalks, entrances and driveways
  • Lawns and edges
  • Weeding & Garden Cleanup
  • Planting or removal of hedges and shrubs
  • Trimming or pruning of hedges and shrubs
  • Planting new trees or removing older ones


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Designing your garden? Or having troubles to come up with decent ideas? Or in need of a complete and original design?

We're here! We can design the garden to your needs and likes. We can brainstorm and get few ideas to design it on a computer program made for that. We can show you some of our own ideas and you will decide if you like it or not.

Mix and match some ideas from you, some ideas from us and voilà - your perfect garden - designed especially for you. Give us a call and this will be our new priority!

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A driveway is very likely to get dirty with cars coming in and out of your property. The dirt builds up over time so it's hard to notice however we can guarantee that after having your driveway jet washed by us, you will see the difference. Even if you only have one car and don't drive it very much, you're driveway will still get dirty over time due to natural processes.

Jet washing is an excellent process for drive way cleaning as the high pressure of the water will get rid of the dirt easily but will not damage your driveway in any way. The water dries quickly so the driveway can be used again immediately after the cleaning process is finished. We vary the amount of pressure when jet washing depending on what material your drive way made of to make sure no damage is done and it is cleaned to the very best standard. To make sure that the driveway is cleaned to the highest standard possible, where the jest wash might not reach we go over the surface and hand wash using special products to get that part of the driveway super clean.

A clean driveway is extremely important as it shows people that you pay attention to detail and really take care of your outdoors. It adds to the good aesthetic of your garden and makes it more pleasant for you to drive onto it. It also prevents weeds growing in between it so it saves you the weedimg job! Hire us now and our team will come at a time most convenient for you and jet wash your drive for you whilst you sit back and relax!

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We are a 24/7 working domestic and commerical gardening and cleaning service in London. We are a fully insured team. Our employees all work to an amazing level and take extreme care in all they do as we only ever want to leave our customers more than satisfied with the result of our work.

Why Choose Us?

  • 7day a week working services
  • Next day/last minute arrangements
  • Fully equipped
  • Always on time
  • Various payment methods
  • Highly experienced and well trained workers

As we are a seven day working service, we are a convenient to hire as we can work in a time most suitable for you. We use the top shelf equipment to carry out our work,we are a trustworthy and reliable team. We are different from many other cleaning companies as we personalize our methods accordingly to suit the place in which we are working.