6 Tips on how to clean your white walls


White walls have an impressive effect when they’re freshly painted, but they can rapidly attract dirt and discolouration. This can have an impact on their looks, but knowing how to clean white walls effectively will keep them looking great for longer. Fortunately, there are a number of different methods for cleaning your walls that’ll help them stay in top condition so you’re not constantly painting and decorating.

You could hire a cleaning company to do the hard work for you; these professionals really know how to get the best results and they save you the effort. Alternatively, you could tackle the dirty white walls yourself. If you need some tips for achieving optimum results, keep reading our guide on how to clean white walls.

How to clean white walls

There are a few different approaches using regular household cleaning products that you can try for cleaning white walls. Before deciding how to do it, it’s helpful to properly assess the walls to help you decide on the most suitable approach. These are some of the most successful methods for cleaning up white walls.

Using an all-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose household cleaner can be effective for cleaning walls. It’s usually a good solution immediately after dirt gets on the walls and for sticky substances like food and drink. The same cleaning product that you use for cleaning up kitchen grease will often work well. Use a soft microfibre cloth to avoid damaging the paintwork.

Using washing up liquid

Another option is to use normal washing-up liquid and a soft sponge. This can be a useful trick for dealing with stubborn stains. In fact, washing up liquid can be a useful cleaner all around the house, including on surfaces and carpets. Get your sponge wet, add a drop of washing-up liquid to it, and gently rub the stain until suds appear. Leave it to soak for a minute and then wipe it with a damp microfibre cloth. If the stain is particularly stubborn, you might need to repeat the process. It’s a good idea to use a washing-up liquid that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the paint.

Using baking soda

There’s a good chance you’ve got baking soda in your kitchen, and if you do you can also use it as a powerful cleaning product. This natural remedy works for all kinds of stains and surfaces and is often useful for really stubborn stains that you just can’t shift. Start by making a paste with three parts baking soda to one part water. It should have a sticky texture so adjust the quantities as needed. Spread this paste onto the wall using a wet sponge and then let it sit – the more time you can allow, the better. Once the stain has been thoroughly soaked, use a damp microfibre cloth or paper towel to wipe it off.

Using a magic eraser

A magic eraser is another good option for truly stubborn stains. However, unless you want to damage your paintwork you should make sure the surface is suitable for this method. It’s only effective if your walls are pure white in colour, otherwise, it will erase your paint. Similarly, be careful if your walls have a gloss or semi-gloss finish – the magic eraser could create a dull spot if you’re too vigorous. Simply dampen the eraser and gently rub the stain. It should come away with fairly little effort due to the power of the product.

How often to clean your walls

In most cases it’s only necessary to do a deep clean of your walls occasionally, for example during spring cleaning or if you’re moving house. Keeping an eye out for dirty marks and cleaning them off might need to be done more frequently, particularly if you have kids or pets at home, or if you entertain regularly and have lots of people in the house.

Tips for keeping white walls clean

Keeping white walls clean might feel like a hard task but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these handy tips to make keeping walls clean a bit easier.

• Spot clean whenever it’s necessary to prevent stains from getting worse
• Vacuum your floors carefully to avoid spreading dust onto the walls
• Dust thoroughly, from ceiling to floor, to prevent dust from settling on the walls

Walls that look fresh

Dust and dirt might show up more readily on white walls but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep them looking clean and smart. Knowing what your options are for cleaning, and understanding what each method works best for, can make a big difference. If you use the right tips and are careful in general about how you clean your space, you can keep your walls looking fantastic no matter what goes on in the house.

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