A complete guide to painting and decorating exteriors


How the outside of a building looks is essential. After all, it’s the first thing that people see! Your home might be beautiful inside, but that’s not going to matter as much if the outsides aren’t as inviting.

Making sure that your exteriors are painted and decorated to an attractive standard is vital, adding curb appeal and value to your property. In this article, we’re going to explore a few things to consider when it comes to painting and decorating your exteriors so that you know the best practices and pitfalls for painting exteriors.

The right stuff

You want to make sure that when it comes to decorating the outside of a building like your home, you’re using the correct materials for the job. For example, it’s no use getting masonry paint and using it on a building facade that’s mostly wood or metal.

Also, it would help if you considered the weather’s part to play in your exterior decorating. Whatever materials you’re planning on using for the exteriors of your building need to be able to withstand wherever the elements can throw at it.

Suppose you’re unsure as to what the right materials or paints are for decorating your exteriors. In that case, it’s worth speaking to a professional decorating firm or service, which leads us neatly onto our second tip.

Getting the painters in

We’ve all fallen victim to thinking that a project would be far easier to complete when we start but getting hit with the reality of the project. We see that it’s actually more complicated than we first thought.

Hiring a painting and decorating team means that you’re taking a lot of stress and worry about the job off of your shoulders.

Sure, it will cost you more money upfront, but you’ll end up with a professional-looking job. It is their job to know about the correct materials, colour trends and to have the skills and experience to paint and decorate houses externally.

This is not to say that you couldn’t do the job yourself – The world is full of examples of very well executed DIY projects – But not everyone has the motivation or skill to take on projects like that. That’s why professionals still exist.

Forward thinking

As with almost every project or undertaking, it helps to plan ahead and doing some groundwork will save you many headaches. Things like treating outdoor materials before any external painting is essential, for example.

Also, exterior surfaces aren’t like interior surfaces. You may be able to get away with just a single undercoat of paint, not so with surfaces that are exposed to the elements. Being prepared for extra work and the time it will take is prudent.

Colour trends

While your personal tastes should be what matters most with any decorating project, you’ll want to consider not just how well your chosen colour palette fits the surrounding neighbourhood but how well it fits with current colour trends.

You don’t want your home to look garish or completely outdated either concerning its surroundings or to what’s currently in vogue, so if pale greys, blues, and greens are big colours (and they are as of 2021), then it’s not wise painting your home a bright orange colour.

To sum it all up…

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We can add either finishing touches or provide the complete service from start to finish.

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