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FAQ for using the cleaning service calculator
Even if you choose the upfront payment option through PayPal, if during the cleaning it turns out that it requires more work, there is a need to clean additional items, or if parking turns out to be paid, we will add additional amounts after prior agreement with you on the spot.
The hour provided in the form is a time frame for starting the cleaning. The exact time needed to complete the task may vary depending on the specific job. Additionally, we will always contact you to confirm the details of the assignment.
Yes, there is such an option, provided it is canceled at least 24 hours before the agreed upon time.
Yes, please contact us by phone to make any changes.
Each reservation applies to only one type of cleaning, with separate details, addresses, etc. If you wish to book another cleaning, please fill out the form again for the next service.
We strive to fulfill all reservations according to the agreed upon times, however, if any changes are necessary, we will inform you in advance and contact you to arrange new details.
Do you have any problem booking online with our form?
Don't worry - Contact us at: 07889 689 718