Domestic Cleaning and End of Tenancy Cleaning – What’s the Difference?


Domestic and end of tenancy cleaning services both involve cleaning residential properties, but there are some distinct differences between them. While a domestic service commonly involves a routine clean for a home or rental property, an end of tenancy clean is more in-depth. To help you understand which service you need, we’ve provided a detailed breakdown of these two dedicated cleaning solutions so you can pick the best option for your requirements.

Defining domestic cleaning

A service typically carried out by a single cleaner, domestic cleaning will usually encompass most household chores. These may include vacuuming, polishing, wiping down and dusting surfaces, removing cobwebs, and applying disinfectant where required.

Domestic cleaning can be offered as a regular service or as a one-off. Routine domestic cleaning may be booked once a week or fortnightly, while one-off cleaning services involve a single visit. This last option is favoured by those in need of a spring clean or for customers that are tidying up after renovations or clearing up their home following a party.

What does end of tenancy cleaning involve?

An end of tenancy cleaning service is handled by a team of cleaning specialists. As professionals with both specialised training and experience, these cleaners adhere to a strict and comprehensive checklist to deep-clean residential properties before new tenants moving in.

The purpose of an end of tenancy clean is to guarantee a property is in optimal condition. This type of service can be scheduled by letting agents, tenants, or property landlords. While tenants hire this cleaning service to make sure they receive their full security deposit, landlords and agents use them to show off homes and rentals at their best so that they can charge higher prices.

Understanding the differences between domestic and end of tenancy cleaning

You may be wondering if a domestic clean could double as a service at the end of a tenancy, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. While suitable for keeping on top of weekly chores, the deep clean required when a property is vacated isn’t a job for your routine domestic cleaner.

While a domestic service will thoroughly vacuum carpets, it can’t remove deep grime or stains like an end of tenancy cleaning service can. In general, cleaning products used by domestic cleaners are often store-bought options, unlike the specialist solutions employed by end of tenancy cleaners.

Hard to remove stains that build up over time, like limescale, won’t always be tackled by domestic services, but end of tenancy options will remove them entirely.

Following a simple client list, domestic cleaners stick to cleaning requests while end of tenancy professionals are trained to spot hard to reach places where dirt and dust build-up unseen.

Finally, in terms of time, domestic cleaners must do the best they can in the hours they are booked for, and their cleaning schedule is dictated by a client. End of tenancy services, on the other hand, follow a strict cleaning checklist and schedule and will not leave the premises until the task has been completed.

Comprehensive cleaning services to cover your needs

Whether you require professional domestic cleaning services or an in-depth clean at the end of a tenancy, you can rely on the Clean All Crew for any help you need.

As part of our dedicated end of tenancy cleaning service, we offer a 24-hour guarantee. While it’s exceptionally unlikely that there will be an issue, in the event of any problems, we will re-clean your premises for free.

Get in touch today to discuss your situation and we’ll make certain your residential property is ready to pass any inspection and take on new tenants.

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