How to Clean a Bathroom Like a Pro


When people think about cleaning the house, the bathroom is often considered to be the least favourite room. Limescale, mould and soap scum are notoriously time-consuming and tough to clean.

If you follow these 10 easy steps, your bathroom will soon be as clean as if you’d had a professional cleaner in:

1. Move everything out:

To really give the bathroom a good spruce, we would recommend removing all items from the bathroom. Pop them in a basket or bag and put them in the hall or bedroom to make sure you can access all surfaces. Make sure you clean the ornaments when you return them at the end, of course! Don’t forget to move towels and bathmats too – chuck them in the washing machine and replace with clean ones when you’re done.

2. Dust away:

Make sure you get all corners, light fittings/fixtures, extractor fans etc to get rid of all dust and cobwebs. Once you’ve dusted from top to bottom, left to right, give the floor a good vacuum to pick up the dust that has no doubt landed on the floor.

3. Apply cleaner to your shower and bath:

Using an all-purpose cleaner, spritz your shower and/or bath, including the shower door (don’t forget the plastic grip at the bottom) or curtain. Spray the shower head together with any taps. Let it all soak in whilst you turn your attention to the rest of the room.

4. Turn to other surfaces:

Whilst the shower and/or bath gets a good soak, spray the windowsill, toilet, sink etc, with the all-purpose cleaner. Let it all soak in. Pour some bleach down the loo and leave it. For really sparkling results, use glass cleaner on any mirrors.

5. Clean and scrub the shower and bath:

Go back to the shower and bath next, making sure to use a clean cloth and rinse away all the cleaner. If there are mould spots or stubborn build-up, apply a specialist product to these areas, following the guidelines. Once you’ve rinsed the product away, wipe it all down with a clean, dry cloth.

6. Spritz the floor:

As domestic cleaners, we recommend using a mop and bucket. Fill it with warm water and solution. Don’t apply it just yet – leave it to soak in together.

7. Blitz the sink

Again, having sprayed the sink and other surfaces, wipe them clean – with another fresh cloth – and treat any mouldy or scummy areas.

8. Clean the toilet

Using a clean cloth, wipe away any of the spray cleaner and scrub the bowl with a brush. Flush away the bleach and it should be sparkling!

9. Mop up to finish:

Give the floor a good mop with the solution you prepared earlier. Don’t soak the floor – make sure you squeeze off any excess water.

10. Finally, put everything back:

Once the floor is dry, replace the clean bathmats and rugs, as well as all the ornaments you removed earlier, and your bathroom will be beautiful!

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