How to clean your fridge like a pro


It’s all too easy to forget about cleaning your fridge, especially if you have a busy schedule, but just like any other appliance or surface in your home, it needs regular cleaning. Many people put this job off as it seems like a big task, but rest assured keeping your fridge squeaky clean is not as hard as it first appears. Read on for some simple, step-by-step tips on how to keep your fridge looking as good as new.

1. Think ahead

While you should wipe your fridge down once a week (ideally before you restock it), it will need a deep clean at least once every six months, and this requires preparation. The first step to any deep clean is to remove all produce from your fridge. This is where planning ahead helps – use up as much of the food in your fridge as possible and refrain from buying more until you’ve finished cleaning it.

Any dairy or meat that you haven’t eaten beforehand will need to be stored in a cool bag or chilled space while you clean the fridge to avoid it going off. Anything at the back of the fridge that is past its use-by date should be thrown away, as this could be creating odours.

2. Wash all interior components

Take out all components of the fridge that can be removed. This includes shelves and drawers. If you’re not sure how to remove the parts, check the manual to ensure that nothing is damaged and can be returned to its proper place afterwards.

Once you have all of the removable parts out of the way, scrape off any residue that has built up and then use some warm water and washing-up liquid to clean them down. Avoid using water that is too hot if you are cleaning parts made of glass, and let the items reach room temperature before washing to avoid risking any shattering due to temperature fluctuations. Before putting them back in your fridge, let all interior components dry naturally.

3. Clean the interior

Now that all the easy-to-remove parts are out of the way, you can move on to the interior of the fridge. When you are working on the inside, avoid using hot water where possible since it can raise the temperature, which means it will take longer for the fridge to re-acclimatise. If there are any tough-to-clean areas, it’s better to use a suitable cleaning solution instead.

You should pay extra attention to any grooves and dips in the fridge, especially where the shelves slot in. It can be easy to miss parts of food build-up in harder-to-see areas, so paying particular focus to these sections is important to avoid mould forming. Rather than a cloth, try using cotton wool or cotton buds to get into these smaller crevices. Finally, dry the fridge fully before moving on.

4. Remember the outside

When it comes to cleaning your fridge, the outside is just as important as the inside. Once the interior is done, you can turn your attention to the handle and the fridge door, which people are touching all of the time. It’s easy for bacteria to build up in these areas, so use the same cleaning solution as inside to give this a thorough wipe-down. You could use a Hoover nozzle or a stiff brush to collect crumbs from any crevices.

Where to get help

Whether it’s an end-of-tenancy clean, commercial kitchen clean or a regular cleaner that you need, Clean All Crew can help. Make sure to get in touch with us today to hire a cleaner and keep your property dazzling all year round.

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