How to socially distance if you have/would like a cleaner!


During these uncertain times and with the government’s new rules in place, we are of course ensuring our cleaners are socially distanced at all times. If you are at home or working from home, here’s some ways on how we can ensure safety measures are adhered to:

Change to a time where there are minimal people in the house

If there’s a better time for your housekeeper to visit, such as when less people are at home, you should change the time of your cleaner’s visits.

Ask your Housekeeper to wear protective PPE or a mask

If you are unable to socially distance in your house or this is difficult in your home, or if you’re in a vulnerable category, you can ask your cleaner to wear a mask and protective PPE (many of our cleaners are making the decision to do this anyway).

Ensure there is substantial ventilation

Make sure your windows or even a door is open whilst you are getting your home cleaned. This should be done as precaution anyway, but it not only reduces the amount of cleaning fumes in your homes, but it also prevents viruses from spreading due to adequate air flow.

Request that your cleaner works around you and move to different places in your home to avoid close contact.

To make social distancing easier, you can tell your Housekeeper which room to start in, and even what order to tackle your rooms in. If you’d rather your housekeeper didn’t clean the room you’re in, let them know.

When speaking to your housekeeper, stand side-on

Being in close contact and speaking with your cleaner for long periods of time, should be avoided. This would be more than 15 minutes within 2 meters. If this can’t be avoided, stand to their side instead of face-to-face.


If you would like to find out more about our cleaning services and how we can help you in your home from a safe distance, please call us on 07889 689 718 or email us at

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