Is It Possible To Keep The House Tidy With Children At Home – The Answer Is YES!


For some people, keeping the house tidy is the last thing on our minds at the minute whilst we try to get through this third lockdown in the UK. However, what if I told you that you could tidy the house and keep the kids entertained at the same time?! I’m sure this chore would soon become more appealing to any parent out there.

With many parents working from home now, it is not only your home you need to keep clean but also your workspace which can be quite overwhelming for some working parents. I think we would all agree that any working parent just needs that clean space to relax and unwind after a full day of juggling work, home-schooling and children.

So, here are some tips below to incorporate childcare, cleaning and multitasking to make your life that little bit easier.

  1. How clean are you wanting your home?

Firstly, you need to establish what you are trying to achieve. Are you wanting all surfaces to be clear of clutter, nothing on the floor, and everything put away? Or would you simply like toys to be back in the kid’s rooms, the washing up completed and the clutter from today is acceptable? This will give you clear targets and you will feel great once these are complete!


  1. How old are your children?

This is a particularly important factor. The younger your children, the easier it will be to get them engaged and making tidying up fun and entertaining. However, if your children are teenagers, it may be harder to draw them away from their electronic devises and out of their bedrooms.

  1. Figure out what you are willing to give them as a reward

Be clear in your mind what you would like to give your children for helping you clear up. For example, if your children are young you may like to give them their favourite treat or even a reasonable priced activity (such as colouring or play-dough) from the internet. If you children are older, pocket money may be the answer. They can then use this to save up for something they may want to purchase, and this also teaches them good skills when it comes to understanding the value of money.

  1. Set out clear targets


For toddlers and younger children, a star chart is always a good way of encouraging good and helpful behaviour and it also shows exactly what you expect for them in order for them to earn that gold star. For older children, a rota displayed in a central place in your home is a good way of displaying what you would like them to help with. It could consist of stacking the dishwasher 3 times a week, making their bed, and taking the rubbish out.


  1. Teamwork is key

Overall, it is important to keep your home clean and tidy for everyone’s mental health and mental stimulation! Especially for those of us that are working from home and for the children home-schooling. But remember, our children are going through a lot at the moment and there has been a lot of change in the last year. Try and remember that cleaning and tidying with children is to really encourage entertainment, stimulation, and responsibility and of course it’s a helping hand for you parents! If your house isn’t spotless all of the time, there is no pressure. Just enjoy having the quality time with your children and try to make household chores enjoyable for all!

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