PRESS RELEASE: London cleaning company Clean All Crew launches online booking tool


Clean All Crew has announced the launch of its online booking tool, which provides customers with a quick and easy way to book the services they need.

The system has been built by Rankfresh, a digital marketing company based in Tunbridge Wells that takes pride in supporting companies with their marketing efforts. They specialise in helping small to medium-sized businesses grow online by identifying new opportunities and coming up with cost-effective digital strategies for them. For this reason, the team at Clean All Crew knew that Rankfresh were the right company for the job.

Those who want to book a cleaner online simply have to select which service they would like, such as an end-of-tenancy clean, and then describe the nature of their home or property – they’ll also need to provide some personal details. A quote will then be generated after all the information is given, which takes the hassle out of contacting the company directly for information.

“This tool will make it more convenient for our customers to book their cleaning services,” says [insert spokesperson’s name], who believes that Clean All Crew’s services will now be more accessible for customers across the south of England. “We know that not everyone likes to speak on the phone, so we hope this new tool will encourage customers who may not have used our services before because of this to get in touch with us.”

As a professional services company, Clean All Crew also specialises in gardening and property maintenance across London and is happy to travel to customers in Kent, Essex and Middlesex. They provide their services to both domestic and commercial properties and have years of expertise in the field. If a customer is looking to sell their home, they can provide painting services as well. With a dedication to customer service, it’s not surprising that in 2022, they have accumulated many five-star ratings from happy customers who choose to return to them time and time again.

With 2023 rapidly approaching, Clean All Crew evidently has high standards to maintain, and the new online booking system is sure to bolster its clientele in the year ahead. They are also working with Rankfresh to develop an iOS and Android app that will be available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store early next year.

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