Top tips for a stress-free end of tenancy clean


Moving house is commonly cited as one of the life events that people find the most stressful, and unlike the other top stress-inducers, moving house is something that most people go through several times.

Reaching the end of a tenancy can be especially stressful, as the return of your deposit can depend heavily on the condition the property is in once you leave. Much of the overall impression that a landlord might get about the condition of the property is how visibly clean it is.

Or, maybe you are a landlord and tenants have recently left, and not cleaned the property adequately, or perhaps left more than wear and tear behind. This can be a costly and time-consuming problem to fix yourself.

However, there is one main strategy you can use to take the hard work and time commitment out of cleaning a house at the end of a tenancy.

Call in the cleaning experts

It may be tempting to do the cleaning yourself, however the only real way to ensure that your property is quickly, adequately and economically cleaned is to call in professional cleaners who are experienced in end of tenancy cleaning.

This may seem like obvious advice, but many people underestimate the time and effort that deep-cleaning even an empty property can take. As furniture is moved, nooks and crannies are exposed, as are places that may not have been cleaned since day one due to being obscured, and these places can be much harder to clean than at first glance.

Areas that are often missed such as behind radiators, on top of cupboards and underneath sofas can easily build up dust and ingrained dirt which can be very difficult to remove without professional cleaning products, not to mention the experience of knowing what to use and where.

Bringing in expert cleaners leaves you more time to focus on the more pressing issues that usually come with moving house, and leaves you with peace of mind that you have one less big job to tackle yourself.

It takes a long time and a lot of mental effort to go through all of the packing, ferrying boxes and organising solicitors associated with moving house, so giving yourself some breathing room is a huge advantage that everybody who is moving should hope for.

Spruce up your property

If your property needs more than a professional deep clean, the Clean All Crew have a team of skilled and experienced painters and decorators on hand to take care of the more substantial fixes.

Whether your walls or ceilings need repair or plastering, you need flooring, tiling or wallpaper fitted, or if your property is just in need of some TLC and general repair, then get in touch with our team and we can help you decide the best course of action for your needs.

If you are renting your property, these repairs may seem like they might be a bit extreme, however with potentially hundreds of pounds of deposit on the line, it is almost always worth the relatively small amount of money needed to spend to get it back.

Contact Clean All Crew

Clean All Crew Ltd have been operating for 6 years in the UK capital, and our reputation for high-quality work and the professionalism of our staff is what keeps customer satisfaction high, and keeps clients coming back year after year.

So if you are reaching the end of a tenancy and wish to book a domestic clean, painting & decorating, or just for some friendly, professional advice, contact us today using the form on our website, or by calling 07889 689 718

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