What exactly is an office deep clean?


A deep office clean is an essential requirement for commercial businesses. This is especially the case in today’s hectic climate where employees have busy work schedules that result in working lunches and long business hours – with no time allocated to routine cleaning.

Without proper attention, these working conditions can lead to an odorous office space that has a negative impact on your business operations.

Here’s more on why office deep cleans are important, what they include, and when to consider one.

What is an office deep clean?

In general, a ‘deep clean’ takes place when more time, effort, and expertise are implemented in your cleaning regime. It usually involves steam and high-pressure techniques that help remove stubborn bacteria or dirt.

An office deep clean goes beyond routine cleaning methods by paying equal attention to hard-to-reach areas that are so often abandoned, or areas where germs and dust commonly feature. This may include windowsills, stairs, vents, baseboards, and ceiling fixtures.

A deep office cleaning service attends to all your regular cleaning requirements whilst also factoring in unexposed places.

A deep office clean usually involves:

– Sanitisation of all surfaces
– Shampooing carpets and scrubbing and polishing tiled floors
– Disinfecting all office IT equipment, including keyboards and screens
– Carrying out floor maintenance through wax stripping and machine scrubbing
– Dusting baseboards, ledges and vents
– Installing or replacing entrance mats
– Cleaning light fixtures, door handles, and switches
– Deep cleaning all upholstery
– Comprehensive bathroom and kitchen cleaning
– Vacuuming windowsills, drapes, and blinds
– Emptying office cabinets and cleaning the interior
– Deep cleaning fridge and freezers
– Disinfecting glass partitions, stair rails, and lifts
– Removing stains from rugs or carpets

Why is a deep office clean important

A deep office clean is important for several reasons. First, it guarantees that your office complies with health standards and passes regulatory safety inspections.

A deep clean also shows both clients and employees that you value your space and helps you maintain a good reputation. What’s more, failure to deep clean your offices can have a negative impact on employee morale and productivity levels. Working in grubby or untidy conditions can affect the mood in the workplace and contribute towards ‘sick building syndrome.’

By contrast, a deep office clean shows employees that you value their physical and mental health. This helps improve their retention and boost their working standards. That is, no employee wants to waste time and energy on a business that doesn’t treat them with the same dignity.

When should you get a deep office clean?

Most commercial business owners recruit an office cleaning service upon entering a new premise or before relocating.

However, we recommend that you carry out a deep office clean on a monthly or quarterly basis. This prevents dirt from building up in unexposed areas and complements your daily or weekly cleaning routine.

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