What to Watch Out for When Painting Your Home


While for some people painting a house can be considered an easy task, for others it can be time-consuming and tiring. Therefore, we recommend that you research painters properly so that your paint job lasts longer. This is why we also recommend that you do not go for the cheapest option paint option or painters as you probably need to fix any mistakes that occur and degradation of the paint. We have listed various issues that may arise due to a poor paint job or mistakes.




Blistering is when bubbles start to appear under the surface of your paint job. It will usually occur due to the newly painted wall being exposed to the sun and will usually appear soon after applying the paint. One main precaution you should have is to make sure that the surface you are painting is not damp, dirty, or hot. We also recommend that you use higher quality paints with more plasticity and that adhere well to the surface, especially when painting those walls that you know will be exposed to sunlight.




Cracking or flaking happens when the coat of paint starts to peel off and can appear soon after the second coat of paint has been added, in the form of crooked lines and folds.

The main cause of these issues is not letting the first coat of paint dry properly before applying the second coat of paint. Other causes include not appropriately preparing the surface or using low-quality paint. Factors such as humidity and room temperature can vary the amount of time you must wait in between both coats. To fix cracking or flaking we recommend that you remove the flaking paint, then apply primer and a top coat of paint.


Bad Weather Resistance


Before starting to paint you should make sure to plan accordingly, especially when painting an outdoor section as you want your new paint job to be able to resist any type of weather that you may have in your area. The main factors to consider are temperature, wind, humidity, and precipitation so it is recommended that you talk to a professional so that you have the adequate paint and undercoat are applied.


Bad Stain Resistance


You might have noticed that some walls get stained easily compared to others. This is mainly caused by using low-quality paint or when a primer is not used.

To fix a paint job that is easily stained, we recommend that you use high-quality latex paint and a good quality primer to create a barrier for the paint this way increasing your wall’s stain resistance.




If you are painting carless you will likely paint over a few dust particles which will leave your wall with visible bubbles. A similar thing can happen if you accidentally paint over hair or bristles, leaving a visible mark on your wall.

The solution is simple, make sure that you clean the surface before painting. You should also try and avoid painting when there is wind as dust can easily get stuck to your new coat of paint.


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