Clean All Crew: Your Trusted End of Tenancy Cleaning Harrow Experts

Are you nearing the end of your tenancy and concerned about safeguarding your deposit? Look no further! Clean All Crew specialises in end of tenancy cleaning Harrow services, serving Harrow and its surrounding areas. Our skilled team of end of tenancy cleaning Harrow specialists is dedicated to ensuring you receive a full deposit refund. Bid farewell to the stress of moving out; reach out to Clean All Crew today!

Harrow's Premier End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

A clean home is synonymous with happiness, and we’re here to alleviate the burden of maintaining a spotless property, whether it’s your personal residence or investment property. Our comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning service in Harrow has got you covered.

Seasoned landlords know that not all tenants leave their properties in impeccable condition. Over the years, Clean All Crew has revitalised numerous post-tenancy properties, restoring them to their former glory. Our expertise lies in end of tenancy cleaning Harrow services and we take pride in our outstanding before-and-after transformations. Let us handle the workload, and we’ll return the property to its pristine state.

Our services encompass bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, hallways, appliances, and internal windows, ensuring a thorough and exhaustive clean.

the cleaner vacuums the floor of the flat

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Prices from £180

Studio £180
1 Bedroom £215
2 Bedroom £230
3 Bedroom £315
4 Bedroom £390
5 Bedroom £490

*Optional carpet cleaning for additional fee 

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End of Tenancy Painting & Decorating

In addition to our cleaning services, Clean All Crew features a team of skilled and experienced painters and decorators who specialise in end of tenancy painting and decorating in Harrow and the surrounding areas.

Our dedicated decorating professionals are ready to provide expert advice on efficiently enhancing the property’s condition, ensuring a full deposit refund upon the conclusion of your tenancy. When you schedule an appointment, we’ll evaluate your property and offer invaluable insights on achieving the desired results promptly.

Trust Clean All Crew for a seamless end of tenancy experience in Harrow and beyond. Contact us today to safeguard your deposit and enjoy a stress-free handover.